Introduction to Psychology

Workshop: Psychology for Everyone: Think Like a Shrink!


An eight-week workshop presented by Dr. Sharon Horne


Background to the Workshop


This workshop series introduces the amazing world of psychology. It is designed for people who have a keen interest in psychology but have no desire to undertake formal study (however, this course can also be used as an introduction for people who think they may like to study psychology at a university level). Participants will have the opportunity to learn basic psychological principles and techniques (the tools psychologists use to figure people out!) that can be applied to a range of situations in their daily life. I am passionate about the study of psychology and even more passionate about sharing its wonders with everyone - no OP required!


Workshop topics


  • What is psychology and why study it?
  • Developmental psychology: A life-span perspective.
  • Perception, Consciousness and Memory: The building blocks.
  • Social psychology: Perceiving ourselves and others.
  • Stress, Anxiety and Coping: Making an action plan.
  • Abnormal Psychology: What is normal, and who decides?
  • Personality: From Freud-and-Jung to inkblots-and-MMPI.
  • Counselling Psychology: Becoming a skilled helper.



Who should attend?


Anyone who has ever wondered about or wanted to know any of the following:


  • How do we learn, process information, and remember things?
  • What is consciousness, what is reality, and how do we alter it?
  • What drives me, why do we fall in love, and why do we dream?
  • Who is Sigmund Freud, and what is the Oedipus complex?
  • Are we a product of our environment or our genes?
  • How does our personality and identity develop? Can we change?
  • Why are some people eternal optimists? Does luck exist?
  • How can we win friends and influence people?

    Or simply, if you have ever wanted to figure out why people think, feel, and do the things they do! 

    Then this workshop is for you.