Effective Communication

Workshop:  Communication: For Understanding and Being Understood


A Six-Week communication and interpersonal skills workshop presented by Dr. Sharon Horne.


Background to the workshop


Effective communication skills are the key to good relationships; whether that relationship is with a partner, work colleague, employer, friend, or family member. Good communication is the way teams work, partnerships grow, and business gets done. Yet, we often take the ability to speak and listen for granted, never realising that they are skills that can be learned. Watch someone who speaks assertively or listens attentively - you will experience a sense of communication. Everyone wins with effective communication. This workshop can change your life – how you see it and how you experience it!  


Who will benefit


Have you always wanted to be more assertive? Do you complain that others never listen? Can you talk to your partner in an open and honest way? Even if what you want to say may upset that person? Do you run from conflict or confrontation? Do you have the success you desire?


This workshop series is designed for everyone! Whether you’ve been a stay-at-home mum for the past 15 years or a manager with 20 years work experience, you will benefit from this course.


Workshop topics include


Ø      Communication begins inside – know who you are.

Ø      Walking in another person’s shoes gets you there.

Ø      Understanding starts with gathering good information: listening, focusing, reflecting, questioning and empathy.

Ø       Being understood starts with assertiveness, “I” messages, ownership, expressing feelings, and requesting feedback.

Ø      Resolving conflict, dealing with difficult people, and winning.


The workshop can give you insight into your own patterns of conversation and communication as well as provide clues about other people’s communication preferences. You will learn lots of tips and techniques to increase your assertiveness. You will leave the workshop with greater confidence in your ability to create more cooperative and productive relationships, and to avoid costly misunderstandings and conflict.