Workshop Information


Learning Through Living (LTL) is a private organisation of registered psychologists who have developed specialised workshops and seminars designed to support individuals to better manage their lives, relationships, and families.


Psycho-Educational Workshop Basic Assumptions and Objectives


  • All workshops are hands-on and are based on the latest psychological research literature and/or principles and techniques.
  • Psycho-educational workshops are beneficial as a supplement to individual therapy sessions.
  • Not all people who desire change in their life need to see a psychologist*. For many people, a psycho-educational workshop can be a powerful source for change.
  • Psycho-education can be used for prevention. 
  • The workshop environment should support, respect and value every participant, providing a safe and secure place for growth.
  • Within this environment, participants will be supported to move beyond, challenge or confront limiting beliefs, attitudes, thoughts or behaviours.
  • Particpants will leave the workshop with greater confidence in their ability to create change.


Workshop costs, start dates and locations


Cost:               Workshops range between $350 to $650.00 for the 6 and 8 week series. All workshop fees include course handbooks and refreshments.


Start dates:    Please email for details and registration form.


Times:            Both day and evening workshop times are offered.


Locations:      South Yarra, Richmond, Toorak, Malvern, Prahran, Armadale




*You should consult a mental health professional if you: feel hopeless or suicidal; feel down or depressed for more than four weeks; feel overwhelmed or discouraged that you cannot  function effectively at work, home or school; cannot relate to others in a positive or satisfying way; hear voices or have unusual experiences that others cannot understand; have aggressive sexual or violent impulses that you cannot control; or you are abusing drugs or alcohol (Burns, 1993).