Session fees


$180.00 per session (50+mins)


NB:  Fees are payable after each session by cash, credit card, or direct debit (with prior arrangement only).  Please also note that Dr Horne's appointments in South Yarra have strict 24 hour change/cancellation policy for day appointments and 48 hour notice for evening appointments (from 5pm). All appointments in South Gippsland have a very strict 48 hour change/cancellation policy. This allows other clients the opportunity to take up these sessions.  All session changes/cancellations must be made by directly contacting Dr Horne on her mobile (0419 996 161)

GP-referred clients - Medicare Rebates 


There are a number of Australian Government initiatives under which psychologists are eligible to provide services under Medicare. Dr. Horne, as a registered psychologist with the Victorian Psychologists Registration Board, has a generalist provider number with Medicare and is eligible to deliver up to 10 sessions in a calendar year to individuals and groups, who have a recognised psychological problem.

To receive psychological services under Medicare, a person must be referred by his/her GP or in some instances, by a Psychiatrist.  Currently, the rebate from Medicare is $84.90 per session (leaving a gap of $95.10).


Self-referred clients - Private Health Care Rebates


Self-referred clients who are privately insured (e.g., Medibank Private, MBF, HCF, etc.,) are able to claim Private Health Fund rebates under their "extra"/ancillary cover.  The amount of rebate varies from cover to cover and individuals should make their own enquires. Self-referred clients do not need a referral from a GP.  

Please Contact me on: 0419 996 161

Day and evening appointments  /   Medicare and Health Fund rebates

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