Peer-Reviewed Publications and Presentations


By Dr. Sharon Horne 




Horne, S., & Zimmer-Gembeck, M. J. (2006). The Female Sexual Subjectivity Inventory: Development and validation of a multidimensional instrument for late adolescents and emerging adults. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 30, 125-138.

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Horne, S., & Zimmer-Gembeck, M. J. (2005). Female sexual subjectivity and well-being: Comparing late adolescents with different sexual experiences. Sexuality Research & Social Policy: Journal of the NSRC, 2, 25-40.

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Horne, S. & Zimmer-Gembeck, M. J. (March, 2006). The role of past sexual experiences on changing patterns of sexual subjectivity, sexual agency and psychosocial well-being. In a poster symposium presented at the Society for Research on Adolescence, San Francisco.


Horne, S., & Zimmer-Gembeck, M. J. (Apr 2004).  Female adolescent virgins and nonvirgins: Who is faring better and at what age? Poster presented at the Biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Baltimore, MD.


Horne, S., & Zimmer-Gembeck, M. J. (July 2003). A model of female adolescent healthy sexuality:  Theoretical foundation and test of four elements.  In M. Zimmer-Gembeck (symposium organizer).  Sexual behavior and conceptions of sexuality among adolescents: Theoretical developments and important predictors, patterns, and elements.  Symposium presented at the Australasian Human Development Conference, Waiheke Island, NZ.


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